Communiqué (4) – 15/05/2008

By | May 15, 2008


The Bi-communal Forum “Cypriots’ Voice” had a meeting in Nicosia on 10 May 2008. In reviewing the present situation, the participants expressed their appreciation of the new solution effort initiated by the leaders of the two communities, Dimitris Christofias and Mehmet Ali Talat. They appreciate in particular the importance of the new procedure, which sets the people of Cyprus as a whole in the centre of developments.

Voicing concern at positions that contravene UN resolutions and internationally accepted norms regarding the parameters of a solution on Cyprus and noting that, in the long term, not only Cyprus as a whole but Turkey as well will benefit from a solution of the Cyprus problem, they call upon the Turkish government and the leaders of the two communities to avoid outdated zero-sum strategies and come forth with a win-win approach.

Noting further that a reunified demilitarized Cyprus in the form of a bi-zonal bi-communal federation that would safeguard the political equality of the two main communities would in no way damage or threaten Turkey’s security and interests, Cypriots’ Voice calls upon the Turkish government in particular to abandon cold-war strategic considerations regarding Cyprus and approach the solution challenge in the spirit of the European framework. Turkey’s aspirations to play a role in the world political system for peace and stability pass through a solution in Cyprus as the Cyprus problem directly affects peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean region and the Balkans, thus being closely interconnected with the peace and stability  strategies of the US, the EU, NATO, and all international actors.

Cypriots’ Voice is committed to work firmly with the two-tier society that has developed in parallel in our divided country in order to contribute to the efforts of the leaders towards a negotiated settlement within the framework of the high level agreements and the European values and with respect to the specific concerns of the two communities. In this respect Cypriots’ Voice decided to encourage the establishment of joint economic, social, and political entities and to undertake specific tangible projects that would promote the spirit of reconciliation and interdependence

Finally, considering that partition, as the outcome of failure of this negotiation process, will be the cause of a continuous crisis at the expense of all parties involved, it calls upon the leaders of the Greek and the Turkish Cypriot communities to push forward the initiated peace process with utmost determination, closing their ears to the remnants of nationalism and themselves putting aside past commitments and pride considerations.

The “Cypriots’ Voice” Bi-communal Forum firmly believes that the best way to serve the separate interests of the two communities is to serve the interests of Cyprus as a whole. The European framework sets the standards. Let’s all join our efforts towards a peaceful compromise settlement, the only existing outlet.

Cypriots’ Voice – Communiqué no 4 – 15/05/2008