Communiqué (19) – 20/11/2011

By | November 20, 2011



The bi-communal forum “CYPRIOTS’ VOICE” discussed the present situation in Cyprus and concluded as follows:

  1. A new period of developments to the Cyprus problem will embrace the hydrocarbons dynamics, the economic crisis, the revived interests of the superpowers in the area and the awakening of the peoples of the Arab countries
  2. Turkey, by not approving the Law of the Sea, and challenging that Cyprus, without the involvement of the Turkish Cypriots, does not have the authority to declare power over the EEZ, in effect aims to legitimise a role in the sharing of the gas pie in the Eastern Mediterranean or benefits from the possible gas pipe lines to Europe. To this effect Turkey is using the Turkish Cypriots either through “TRNC” even though recognised only by Turkey, or Turkish Cypriots’ rights rooted in the constitution of the Republic of Cyprus or in a possible federal Cyprus after a solution.
  3. There is predominant impression among the diplomats of Turkey and the International community that the Greek Cypriots do not want a settlement of the Cyprus issue. This impression creates a negative attitude which stalemates the interest for political interventions towards positive mobility in the negotiations. On the other hand Turkey, by insisting that the possibility of one-sided intervention of the Turkish Army in the Treaty of Guarantee to stay, and also by demanding equal European rights regarding Cyprus of Greece and Greek citizens be given to Turkey and Turkish citizens, is in effect blocking the settlement of the Cyprus problem.
  4. A new dimension or parallel procedure needs to be introduced to the negotiations process:- designing and implementing measures and practice procedures towards reunification with cooperation of the local authorities, institutions, organizations, entrepreneurs and professionals of the two communities. In this respect the two leaders must abandon the dogma “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” which causes the ineffectiveness of the negotiation process
  5. The public must be informed about the evolution of the negotiations whereas it is necessary to clarify and publicize the concepts of a solution e.g. cross voting, opportunity cost of the settlement, functionality of the constituent states, as well as the implications of a non settlement along with the corresponding political, economic and social cost.
  6. Opinion polls show that the people of Cyprus are more ready for a settlement than their leaders. A lasting solution can be developed and implemented with the cooperation of all political parties.
  7. Cultural activities and specifically films which promote peace and cooperation between the communities may generate a new climate. This approach must be appreciated by the leaders and promoted by the media in order to generate momentum for grass root implementation of a federal solution in accordance with the agreed principles of political equality and respect to human rights
  8. Cypriots’ Voice 20/11/2011 – Communiqué no 19