Communiqué (21) – 25/9/2012

By | May 29, 2012



The bi-communal forum “CYPRIOTS’ VOICE” met on 11/09/2012 and having discussed the current situation in Cyprus concluded as follows:

  1. Indifference and disappointment have crept into the two communities as a result of the present state of affairs, whereby the intercommunal talks are at best in hibernation.
  2. It is imperative that Confidence Building Measures, which could benefit both communities, are introduced as a matter of immediate priority, so as to keep the urge for reunification alive. Considering that the UN mediator is meet with the two community leaders, we renew our specific related proposals.
    1. The Turkish Cypriot Community should be included in the EU Customs Union. This could promote economic integration within the island and facilitate a sustainable, federal solution. Ports in north Cyprus should be opened to the international traffic under the EU supervision. This formula will entail the concurrent opening of ports and airspace of Turkey to Cyprus thus improving Turkey – EU negotiations process and normalize Turkey-Cyprus relations.
    2. Varosha should be handed over to the UN with the assistance of the EU, this will not only allow its inhabitants to return but, with the proper planning and vision, could turn the town into a model of synergy and coexistence
  3. It is unacceptable that human rights of Cypriots from all communities are relentlessly being violated all over Cyprus, and this has been continuing for more than half a century. The Cypriots’ Voice strongly demand that, all kinds of human rights violations be stopped immediately and believe that this is possible even before a settlement is reached.
  4. The stalemate in the settlement process is threatening the very existence of the Turkish Cypriot Community who are part and parcel of the Cypriot people.
  5. In all likelihood intercommunal talks will resume after the presidential elections in the south and the equivalent activity in the north in 2014. The new round of talks must adhere to a strict timetable in order to achieve a settlement during 2014.
  6. We invite all candidates running for presidency to base their election campaigns on promoting peace, namely an early bi-zonal bi-communal solution. It should be remembered that 65-70 percent of both communities support federal solution. Election campaign should not be turned into a race of nationalistic policies.
  7. In today’s climate of economic crisis, we are facing the relegation of the Cyprus problem to a secondary status. However we as The Cypriot’s Voice strongly believe that a settlement of the Cyprus problem will also have a great positive effect on the economy. The reconstruction that will inevitably follow a settlement, along with the confidence of the market, will attract investments which will boost economic activity. The economies from reduced military spending and the consequence of the release of the associated personnel into productive activities are examples of positive factors. Indeed a settlement could fight off the economic crisis.
  8. Last but not least, it is high time for we Cypriots to clearly define our vision and in no uncertain terms clarify that from now onwards, respecting our cultures, we want to live safely and proudly as Cypriots, in our own common country.

Cypriots’ Voice 25/09/2012 – Communiqué no 21