Communiqué (26) – 27/2/2014

By | February 27, 2014



Murat Kanatli, an active member of bicommunal platform “Cypriots’  Voice”, was sentenced to 10  days in prison for objecting to participate in the annual  compulsory military  exercises on the basis of his ideological conscientious  objection.

Murat Kanatli,  General Secretary of YKP, is a Turkish Cypriot Politician  who promotes  bicommunal initiatives for the unification of our country  and since 2009 had  declared his conscientious objection on ideological grounds  in accordance with  the international law, as it refers to freedom of  conscience. The right of  conscientious objection to military service is  consolidated by the European Chart of Human  Rights.

Cypriots’  Voice  expresses  solidarity  to Murat and call upon the Turkish and the  Turkish Cypriot Authorities  to release Murat Kanatli immediately and implement the right  of objecting to  military service in line with the international  laws.

Communiqué no 26 – Cypriots’ Voice 27/2/2014