Communiqué (36) – 11/11/2019

By | February 9, 2021

Cypriot’s Voice reviewed the current situation related with the Cyprus issues and concluded the following:

  1. Regional conflicts and Cyprus

The regional conflicts in the areas east of Cyprus are threatening the geopolitical stability around the Middle East and beyond. Turkey does not miss the opportunity to participate actively in the political, military and diplomatic strata whereas Erdogan regime takes advantage and is gaining benefits in the electorate. Cyprus is sunk in a complicated composition of interest added on top of the internal short-sighted power games. Cypriots’ Voice urges both communities to evaluate the dangers involved and realize that the only way to disassociate Cyprus from the surrounding conflicts and ensure the future of peaceful life on the island rests with the settlement of the Cyprus problem by accepting the UN parameters as they are coded by the Secretary general and participating in effective negotiations without further delays.

  1. The hydrocarbon policy

The policy of the ROC for the exploitation of hydrocarbons which might be found offshore in the EEZ of Cyprus has added oil to the fire of Turkey’s aggressiveness. Turkey is now claiming rights on the oilfields that might be discovered not for any more by pretending protection of the benefit of T/C but, for the first time ever, for her. Cypriots must realise that without a settlement, the continuation of the current programme on hydrocarbons is helping Turkey to gradually fulfilling the maximum of her long run expectations. It is therefore imperative that the Cypriot leaders and pro-settlement political parties get to agree on a common approach for BiBiFed within the framework of the UN incorporating Security Council resolutions and agreed convergences, to the benefit of the citizens towards living in peace, political equality and freedom from the toxic guarantor right of intervention which will continue to prevail without a settlement.

  1. Media literacy against Hate Speech. Transforming Fear and Hate in Cyprus: Peace Language in social media

Standard phrases stemming from past animosity and ethnic propaganda are used extensively in the media when referring to “the other side”. Extensive media research and academic work has been done in order to ascertain the situation and to suggest remedial action. The reactionary journalists and their patrons managed to impose hatred philology in all channels of communication. Reference is made to the project Silence Hate which was presented at the conference as well as to dissertation work, training and media workshops on relevant subjects. It is stressed that hate speech must be balanced out with peace and reconciliation texts and speech especially in presenting immigrant, ethnic and alternativeness in order to built up the ground of acceptance and respect for the other entity. Cypriots’ Voice support every effort exerted by activists and academicians towards enlightening and educating young journalists in adopting peace speech frames.

  1. The Famagusta Game in the Cyprus problem

The Famagusta issue is a tragic case of the Cyprus problem. Several occasions incurred where Famagusta citizens could be allowed to return to their homes but all these cases were destructed by intransigence of the “negotiating” process, blame game but also of careless handling by the ROC authorities. The GC refugees of Famagusta were dispersed in several settlements and no provision was taken to assist the refugee Municipality in keeping the togetherness alive and secure spirit of return home in an early settlement of the conflict. Cypriots’ Voice expresses its support in an immediate settlement of the Famagusta issue which could be a paradigm for the ultimate Cyprus settlement.

  1. 300,000 Trees in Nicosia

Cyprus, and especially the plains around Nicosia, is already facing the effects of global warming in the form of extended heat wave periods reshaping the Cypriot landscape in the next few decades. “300,000 Trees in Nicosia” is a citizen’s initiative aiming at putting pressure on, and mobilizing, local authorities, the Forestry Department, Universities and other institutions to facilitate a massive tree- planting project starting in the Fall of 2019. Cypriots’ Voice regards the initiative as an encouraging example of how citizens can intervene in mobilizing the authorities in a common action for turning disastrous situations into hopeful change. We unite our efforts to support the project and wish that other cities and communities will follow suit with similar initiatives.

  1. Citizens’ dynamics.

The past examples of citizen’s revolutionary interventions (e.g. TC revolt in 2002 that lead to the turning down of Denktas regime, massive protests against imposition of unacceptable decision but also numerous spontaneous establishments of massive initiatives for the reunification) encourage the idea of setting up a wide structure for bonding forces together towards the common goal. The existence and long functioning of bicommunal groups with vision and practice in intercommunal work are successful paradigms in this direction. The intercommunal “Enorasis club” brings together Cypriots for almost 20 years promoting togetherness, friendship and acceptance through entertainment, socialisation as well as cultural excursions and other activities. Similar active groups are Cypriots” Voice, Hands across the Divide, Unite Cyprus Now, The bicommunal choir, the Home for Cooperation as well as the Bi-communal Peace Initiative– United Cyprus and other active civil society entities. Cypriots’ Voice strongly supports the emerging idea for the establishment of “Cypriots’ Citizens Assembly” in the form of structured congress for the discussion of a Cyprus settlement at grass roots upwards.

  1. The Vision of a Re-united Cyprus

High quality research and numerous case studies have demonstrated that for the establishment and durability of peace and co-operation in post-conflict multi-ethnic societies an important prerequisite is economic and social convergence. Accurate and objective information regarding the parameters of a political settlement and pointing out the benefits of a solution and re-unification of the island will enable citizens from both communities begin to provide glimpses of “The vision of a re-united Cyprus” so that the two communities can look into the future optimistically. Cypriots’ Voice encourages bi-communal assemblies and campaigns for providing the citizens with information accurate, transparent and free of hatreds that will enable them develop the vision of federal political and social life in a multicultural cypriot society.

  1. Turkish Cypriot presence in EU

With the election of Niyazi Kizilyurek as MEP the TC community raises the expectation of recognised presence in the European Union. The citizenship invisibility that is experienced by the Turkish Cypriots not only in Europe but also in their own country both in the north but also in the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus is expected to fade out gradually albeit slowly. Cypriots’ Voice supports in all respects the promotion of the proposal for inclusion of Turkish in the official languages of the European Union that will enable the Turkish Cypriots exercise their rights in the course for recognition and acceptance as citizens with equal status

  1. Cypriots’ Voice declaration

Cypriots’ Voice calls upon Anastasiades and Akinci to take common initiatives in order to resume immediately a meaningful dialogue on the basis of the Guterres Framework and reach an agreement for the formation of a Bizonal Bicommunal Federal Republic of Cyprus with political equality and effective participation of all citizens and communities, the elimination of guarantees and the gradual withdrawal of foreign troops.

We also call upon the political parties and organisations in communities, civil society and personalities of the island to organise actions expressing their support to the solution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of Bizonal Bicommunal Federation and their disallowance of any shift from this goal.

Communiqué No 36 – Cypriots’ Voice – 11/11/2019