Communiqué (41) – 11/2022

By | March 17, 2023

INTERNAL COMMUNIQUÉ # 41 November 2022

Review and Planning – Internal

Cypriots’ Voice met in a brunch-storming on Saturday 5th November 2022 and discussed internal issues as well as general topics relating to political activity, intercommunal activism, and the status over the social and economic affairs on both communities. Having reviewed the relevant issues, concluded the following:

  1. The political activity in the north

The intervention of Turkey in the political arena is increasing. There is a concrete coalition of all the right-wing parties whereas the cypriocentric political powers struggle to reach a consensus. The appointment of a new ambassador by Turkey marks the arrival of a more intensive phase of interpolation. Their aim is to eliminate the secular values of Turkish Cypriot community and replace the parliamentary system of the Cypriot state with an Islamic presidential governance. Increasing numbers of citizenships granted to settlers is the main instrument used by the present administration to reduce Cypriotism in favour of Islamic Turkification.

  1. The political activity in the south

The Greek Cypriot community that runs the Republic of Cyprus is currently drown into the presidential election campaign rallies and debates. The three main candidates were part of the right-wing administration of Anastasiades namely the leader of the DISI party, the minister of foreign affairs and the negotiator whereas the first is the official candidate of the right-wing party, the second is supported by DIKO, ELAM, DIPA, EDEK and the latter is supported by the left wing AKEL. All these candidates do not have yet taken a clear stance on the Cyprus solution and did not condemn the Anastasiades policy as culminated in Kran Montana. The polls show a paradoxical lead of the former foreign minister who carries the most burdens of every failure in the Anastasiades’ foreign policy, though he has been losing considerable ground through time in favour of DISI and AKEL candidates who rang a close parallel score.

  1. The status of Intercommunal activity

There is a continuing decline of the bicommunal activity attributable mainly in the failure of the political game that suppresses the hope of people for a peaceful settlement. Furthermore, it seems that the peace forces are ageing whereas the young generation are either disappointed or oppressed by their everyday struggle to survive in the period of economic depression which stroke both communities. The situation in the north worsens due to the retirement of key activists of the Teachers Unions, the intervention of the Islamic attitude by the Turkish Embassy and the failure of the Greek Community policies to encourage the peace movement. Nationalistic stances in both communities e.g., establishment of Grivas museum, and the termination of any formal conducts e.g., the IMAGINE school children project by the administration in the north destroys trust between the communities.

The peace movement in the south suffers both by the general disinterest in politics of young generation and the hardening of control by the administration who imposed heavy bureaucracy on the NGO family thus discouraging many groups to continue their activism.

  1. The value of impact of Cypriots’ Voice

Cypriots’ Voice communiques are generally ignored by the official line media. Disseminated through the social media and electronic message platform and featured on websites reached a specific circle of audience who share the values and purposes expressed in the declaration of policy of the bicommunal platform. It is not expected to become a mass influence social instrument for hope and relief for solution of the Cyprus problem. It also serves as an information channel reminding the UN, EU and other international players of the demand by a good part of the Cypriot society for settlement and peace in Cyprus.

Cypriots’ Voice will dontinue in the same spirit and modus operandi i.e., meet – discussion – communique – dissemination of the “voice”.

More frequent activities in the form of symposium, brunch, excursions.

Boost up social media network via targeted postings, activation of the Cypriots-voice fb. “Provocative” simple video spots though social media