Communiqué (45) – 15/05/2023

By | December 19, 2023


COMMUNIQUÉ no. 45 – MAY 2023

Opening of a crossing point at the Famagusta Gate area

Cypriots’ Voice bicommunal forum proceeded with the promotion of opening of new crossing points in Nicosia according to a decision announced in April 2023.

“Crossing between the two sides are very important for the people in terms of their social and economic life as well as developing trust among themselves, thus paving the way to ensuring harmony in a future united country.

The current “crossing” system of either pedestrians or cars is extremely time-consuming due to the bureaucratic formalities, and the inadequate number of crossing points. Cypriots’ Voice propagates complete abolition of the border line, however for as long as the current system is in force the crossing must become functional and friendly. Opening of more crossing points along with automation of passages monitoring are highly needed.”

In this respect Cypriots’ Voice formed a committee to carry out consultations with the civil authorities of both sides for contributing to the need of opening a crossing point at the east end of Nicosia, where Caglayan meets Pallourkotissa neighbourhood.

The opening of a crossing point at the Famagusta Gate area for cars and pedestrians is mature among the community, it is easily implementable, and it could contribute enormously to the process for promoting constructive interaction of citizens for social, economic, and cultural purposes. It can also be beneficial for the reconstruction and revitalization of this historical neighbourhood of the town.

The road infrastructure remains almost intact since the days it was functioning during the period between 1963 to 1974. The passage runs conveniently outside the old city walls and is suitable for pedestrians and all kinds of traffic, including heavy trucks.

The committee had a meeting with Mr Mehmet Harmanci the mayor of northern Nicosia and discussed these ideas in a constructive and fruitful manner. The mayor assured the committee of his support and promised to cooperate in future efforts for the promotion of the proposal.

Cypriots’ Voice will undertake further actions to promote the proposal for the opening of a “Caglayan – Pallourkotissa” crossing point at the Famagusta Gate Area.