Communiqué (46) – 28/11/2023

By | December 19, 2023



Cypriots’ Voice has examined the current sociopolitical situation in Cyprus and concluded as follows:

  1. The situation of the Turkish Cypriot Community in Northern Cyprus is becoming precarious.  The economy is now in the hands of foreign interests where Russians, Ukrainians, Israelis, and Iranians are leading the activity, mainly in the building industry, followed by Turks from Turkey. Turkish Cypriots are almost non-existent in the production and capital activity. Mass Media, public sector, and major business entities are controlled directly by the Turkish President’s regime.  The demography in Northern Cyprus is reaching a critical situation. Turkish Cypriots have already become a minority.
  2. The Turkish Cypriot community has lost contact with EU political channels. As a result, the community, and especially the younger generation, have lost interest for the prospect of reunification and are becoming passive spectators of the Turkification process. The Republic of Cyprus is totally absent in the scene, gaining the lowest ever respect among the citizens.
  3. The far-right is gaining ground at both the north and the south reflecting the growing wave of far-right politics in the world and fuelled by the ferocity of wars in our vicinity – the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the criminal attack of Hamas and the genocide being carried out in Gaza by Israel. Nationalist groups and religious institutions have increased intervention in society restraining progress towards European values and common Cypriot citizenship.
  4. Cypriots’ Voice is calling upon all Greek and Turkish Cypriot institutions which are supporting reunification of the island to stand up and demand from the international community, the UN, the European Union, and the guarantor powers to press for the resumption of the process of negotiations for a Bizonal Bicommunal Federation with political equality settlement setting an end to further delaying tactics by the leaders of the Cypriot communities.
  5. The Republic of Cyprus must undertake a positive role representing the aspirations of all Cypriots to promote common citizenship and spread the benefits stemming from European membership. Immediate action is required to implement measures which: Facilitate contacts and equal treatment of all Cypriots such as opening of crossing points through the divide. Stop the discriminatory denial of Cypriot citizenship to offsprings of Turkish Cypriots’ mixed marriages. Facilitate access to health services for Turkish Cypriots. Promote similar measures that will bring the two communities together.
  6. Specific appeal is addressed towards the EU calling for a positive intervention in the process for a negotiated settlement in Cyprus so that Acquis Communautaire may prevail for the benefit of Turkish Cypriots who are victimised by the current position in the north of Cyprus lacking the benefits which are extended by their European citizenship. The upgrade of the Green Line Regulation is expected to become a strong tool promoting the unification process through practical contacts to the benefit of the two communities.

Cypriots’ Voice will continue working with all Cypriots through various channels to develop optimism and maintain hope among all citizens for the future. Cyprus has great geopolitical importance and may set a paradigm in easter mediterranean for peaceful resolution of complex conflicts that will secure freedom, peace, and prosperity of living in the common homeland.