Basin Bildirisi (2) – 9/6/2007

By | Haziran 9, 2007


A socio-political group consisting of active members of the Cypriot civil society from both Communities met in Nicosia in continuation of the first workshop which was convened in Brussels last April with the support of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the participation of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Vivid interest was expressed by all participants along with their intention to establish a Forum of Cypriots aiming to undertake common projects and express a prudent political voice addressed to all Cypriots.

The Group has nominated a preliminary committee with the mandate to prepare the legal and organisational grounds for the formation of a common association as well as to produce an operating plan outline. The members of the Preliminary Committee are: Akinci Mustafa, Erel Ali, Hadjidemetriou Takis, Hadjipavlou Maria, Kizilyurek Nyazi, Papapetrou Michalis and Tringides Alecos

Cypriots’ Voice – Communiqué no 2 – 9/6/2007

KIBRISLILARIN SESİ – Basin Bildirisi no 2 – 9/6/2007