Communiqué (5) –21/11/2008

By | November 25, 2008


The CYPRIOTS’ VOICE addresses the following announcement to the Authorities and the people of Cyprus:

An Environment of Trust can assist negotiations for permanent solution

We hope that the process of negotiations held for the solution of the Cyprus problem will end in a positive way and that our country and people will be reunited.

While the negotiation process is taking place, we believe it is necessary that for a solution to develop and thrive, at least an environment of trust which is gradually diminishing should at least be reestablished.

Our common culture which has existed for years and later experienced a break should be revitalized by establishing an environment of trust. As the parties negotiate to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, certain practical measures can be implemented so that Cypriots feel and live this common culture in their daily lives.   Hence, Cypriots living together in a common homeland will recognize our island and cherish our country as a whole with all its aspects.

Within this framework, Cypriots’ Voice call upon the authorities to take and implement as a first step the following practical daily measures:

  • All Cypriots should be made aware that the island as a whole is the land of our country. For this to happen, Cypriots should be encouraged to learn by traveling all its parts from Paphos to Karpasia Peninsula.
  • The Authorities should support, encourage, and provide funds to facilitate multi crossing for excursions to both sides. As a pretext facilitation must be provided at the check points to ease crossing without obstacles
  • All traffic road signs of our country should be in both Greek and Turkish. Especially in the north, all those towns and village names that were changed; their original names should also be written.
  • In all of Cyprus and especially in the north, the practice of treating Cypriots as foreigners when visiting touristic and historical sites must be ended.
  • The telephone systems should be commercially connected and function everywhere

Cypriots’ Voice underlines the fact that the above few simple and practical confidence building measures are also necessary as a respect to all Cypriots and that, once implemented, similar other measures will follow closely.

Cypriots’ Voice – Communiqué no 5 –21/11/2008