Communiqué (9) – 3/4/2009

By | April 3, 2009



CYPRIOTS’ VOICE addresses the following announcement to the Authorities and the people of Cyprus:

We must converse with Turkey

Recently, in response to a statement by Nicos Anastasiades to POLITIS newspaper, officials of the government of the Republic of Cyprus let to be understood that they would not decline the idea of a visit of Mr Demetris Christofias to Ankara. The offer of Mr Anastasiades to mediate for such a meeting and the acceptance of the President, are both positive steps that should not be wiped off by everyday politics. The two men must meet the soonest possible in order to work out the subjects that should be discussed between the two sides. The leaders of the two big Greek-Cypriot parties representing the majority of the citizens must leave aside any other differences and must proceed to establish the programme of a visit of D. Christofias to Turkey. Such a development could open new prospects for softening of the political differences, setting aside of ideological confrontation and promoting the Cyprus problem being the basic obstacle that aggrieves the people of Cyprus, which needs immediate regulation.

The Greek-Cypriot leadership must prepare every detail on all proposals that will pose but also on every answer that will be sought. It should be expected that not all issues will be agreed upon from the outset. Half a century of confrontation and clash, with a war in-between, it is impossible to lead to immediate and without reservations solutions of problems. However this first step is necessary in order to open a gate that would enable the other side listen to our opinion with regards to the analysis of the problem. We try to build a state of a new structure and the contribution of Turkey should be considered substantial, if we are to face the problem with reality. If we remain negative, the Cyprus problem will not only stay unresolved but the future of Cyprus will be uncertain. Within this framework we would like to submit the idea for the participation of Mr Mehmet Ali Talat in these contacts and discussions.  The problem concerns all Cypriots, so the legal problems that stem from institutional status may stay aside for the sake of the Cypriot state and society. We mean that: Turkey does not recognise the Republic of Cyprus, therefore considers Mr. D. Christofias simply as leader of the Greek-Cypriot community, in exactly the same capacity that Mr Christofias meets Mr Talat.  Therefore we regard that neither the President nor the Republic of Cyprus would be degraded, if he is accepted by the government of Turkey in this capacity.

Such initiatives will definitely become the centre of condemnation “with disgust” of all those who live with the dream of domination of the Cypriot Hellenism or see that its existence is endangered. We believe that, regardless of how some circles would see such a development, the participation of Mehmet Ali Talat in the contacts with Turkey, is more than positive, will create internally a new momentum among the two communities, which at present are in a catatonic situation due to the lack of progress in the negotiations.  Some other circles will claim that in this way, the government of the Republic of Cyprus will downgrade her international status. In the past both the Cypriots and others, including Turkey, tried to dissolve this state but none succeeded to manage it. It is for this reason that we consider that such approaches simply express indirectly opposition to positive measures that would lead to the settlement of the Cyprus issue.  If we look in the past, in the days of Makarios government, we can recall the experiences and the results of his visit to Turkey caused by his denial to take Dr Kuchuk with him. Had he been escorted by the Vice President, the visit could have been more productive and it would possibly had a different conclusion that its termination.

The common visit is a proposal that must be considered by Mr Christofias’ group for the management of the Cyprus problem. It does not really create a problem even if, prima facie, it will be seen that in this way Turkey will play a meditative role between the two communities. Turkey is a guarantor country for the independence of Cyprus and, whether we like it or not, it has a role in the solution of the Cyprus problem. Furthermore, if we want the other side to believe in out good intentions, why should we be apprehensive in the President going together with Mr Talat to Ankara and analyse why encamping in Cyprus of Greek and Turkish troops is not necessary. It is time to differentiate between guarantees and the presence of troops. It is possible to accept the guarantees without the presence of troops or contrary, to accept the presence of troops for a short period but without guarantees. These are issues that need in-depth consideration which must be done instead of sticking to general principles that cannot be collateral to the solution of our problem.  The reference to the principles of the International Law alone does not lead to the settlement of our problem. It is necessary to make specific steps, and these steps must be done by the Greek-Cypriot leadership.

The soonest Mr Anastasiades and Christofias meet and exchange views on the subject of elaboration of issues that will take Mr D. Christofias to Turkey, the soonest will create prerequisites and circumstances for a speedy solution of the Cyprus problem.

Cypriots’ Voice – Communiqué no 9 3/4/2009