Communiqué (16) – 17/4/2011

By | April 17, 2011



The Bi-communal Forum “Cypriots’ Voice”, having discussed the current socio-political situation and particularly the uprising of the people in the northern part of the island, has reached the following decisions:

  1. The negotiations on Cyprus are not showing signs of conclusion. We call upon the civic society to undertake initiatives both in the interior and the international opinion makers to assist in the efforts for a political agreement on the Cyprus Problem.
  2. The EU Presidency of Cyprus must be looked upon as an opportunity both by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and the Civic Society, acting in line with the European issues and the spirit of political and social cohesion, to gain momentum towards the solution of our political problem. Cypriots’ Voice is calling upon the civic society for cooperation in order to give a strong signal to all concerned that Europe could contribute proactively for the solution of the Cyprus
  3. We believe that an arrangement which will include north Cyprus within the Customs Union of the EU is needed. This will lead to high levels of economic integration and interdependence within the island and with the EU countries and bring the two communities closer to each other. Ports in north Cyprus should be operated under EU supervision. Turkey should open its ports to Cyprus flagged ships. This will benefit all parties concerned. The EU presidency of Cyprus will create a good opportunity for the realization of the de facto customs union, creating economic integration which will create a strong infrastructure for a federal solution.
  4. The people of Cyprus and especially the young generation have lost faith in the political party system thus they neglect common activities. Cypriots’ Voice is taking initiatives to bring to the attention of the local administration and the European community about the need towards improvement in the quality of life of the citizens of Cyprus. To this end certain initiatives are decided for action over requirements of everyday life e.g. operation of the telephone systems, road signs and public stationery in the official languages of the republic.
  5. The Communal Existence Demonstrations in north Cyprus underlines that the Turkish Cypriot Community has deep worries about the continuity of the existence of the Turkish Cypriot Community and demographic changes in north Cyprus is a serious threat. Thus unless the Cyprus problem is solved urgently the Communal Existence of Turkish Cypriot Community will be under danger and non-solution may lead to permanent division.
  6. Once again Cypriot’s Voice invites all NGO s of the two communities to do their best to encourage their leaderships for an early solution. We also invite the international community to use their influence for the solution. It is high time for a United Federal Cyprus.

Cypriots’ Voice – Communiqué no 16 – 17/04/2011