Communiqué (17) – 14/7/2011

By | July 14, 2011



The bi-communal forum “Cypriots’ Voice” has reviewed recent political developments and reached the following decisions:

  1. The recent sad events, which resulted in shortage of electricity in southern part of Cyprus, triggered an opportunity for strengthening cooperation between the two communities. Disregarding narrow political considerations, the two sides found with considerable speed a practical formula under which the Turkish Cypriot community supplies electricity to the Greek Cypriot community. This is an example which could to be followed suit for the settlement of all aspects of the negotiations
  2. Taking seriously into account the recommendations of the Secretary General of the United Nations at the recent meeting in Geneva, it urges the leaders of the two communities to display the necessary political will and intensify their efforts in order to reach a settlement of the Cyprus question during the next phase of the inter-communal talks. The Cypriots’ Voice believes that the U.N. resolutions provide an adequate framework within which a settlement can be achieved.
  3. In view of the prospect of the Republic of Cyprus undertaking the Presidency of the EU in the second half of the 2012, the Cypriot’s Voice it expresses its wish that a permanent settlement is by then realized. Such a positive outcome will allow a unified Cyprus to perform the duties of the Presidency with both communities participating in the process. At the same time the Cypriots’ Voice expresses its concern that failure on the part of the two sides to reach an agreement will only make the prospect of a future settlement even more difficult.
  4. The Cypriot’s Voice, further expresses its deep concern about the contingence of annihilation facing the Turkish Cypriot community, which is the direct result of the policy of population transfer from Turkey into Cyprus. This policy, formulated and implemented by Turkey, is contrary to the Geneva conventions and is aiming at turning the Turkish Cypriot community into a minority.
  5. The Cypriots’ Voice believes that economic integration will help bring the two communities closer to each other. In this respect there is a need for integrating the Turkish Cypriot community on the basis of a customs union which will apply both in Cyprus and the EU. In such a case the ports in northern Cyprus could operate under the supervision of the EU, while Turkey could open its ports to Cypriot vessels. Such an arrangement, if properly negotiated, will produce results beneficial to all sides concerned.
  6. The Forum recognizes the need for immediate practical measures which could promote trust and encourage cooperation among the people. The use of both Greek and Turkish languages is necessary for the display of road names and government department signs. Application forms and other documents should be made available in both Greek and Turkish. Furthermore, action should be taken so that the telephone systems on the island are connected. The current situation which impedes telephone communication has become long ago anachronistic.
  1. Finally, the Cypriots’ Voice urges the political leadership in both communities to explain to the public opinion the nature of the settlement now negotiated and make clear the mutual benefits that will result from a permanent and peaceful solution.The leadership of both sides should therefore agree quickly on a bicommunal programme of promoting the political, cultural and psychological awareness of all Cypriots as citizens of a unified Federal Cypriot State.

The Cypriots’ Voice Communiqué no 17 – 14/07/2011