Communiqué (18) – 14/10/2011

By | October 14, 2011



The bi-communal forum “CYPRIOTS’ VOICE” discussed the present situation in Cyprus and noted as follows:

  1. There is a general crisis prevailing on the island which is attributed both to internal and international causes.
  2. The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has been weakened by the events following the Mari explosion and is politically criticised and isolated.
  3. In the Turkish Cypriot Community deep divisions have arisen that creates instability with unpredictable consequences.
  4. The crisis with Turkey around the issue of oil and gas exploration is creating a highly explosive situation with international repercussions involving Israel, Arab countries, USA, Russia and possibly other powers.
  5. With the background of the unprecedented international economic crisis and general instability in the wider area the crisis in Cyprus could prove very serious and catastrophic for both communities on the island.
  6. Therefore, the only possible way for the people of Cyprus to protect themselves is to overcome past prejudices and reach an agreement on the Cyprus
  7. Despite the pessimism surrounding the inter-communal talks, it should be noted that almost all issues have been exhaustively discussed and most have been agreed upon. All that remains is the political courage to resolve the last differences and sign an agreement.
  8. The two leaders must abandon the principle of “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” which rendered the talks unproductive for decades. Valuable progress could equally be achieved with interim agreements and parallel processes of unilateral initiatives or bicommunal actions towards solving urgent problems as it happened with electricity supply after the Mari explosion.
  9. An agreement on the Cyprus problem will reverse the present negative climate in the two communities and will make possible a favourable outcome at a referendum.
  10. A solution to the Cyprus problem will benefit all Cypriots Greek and Turkish Cypriots, Turkey, Greece whereas the wider international community will have to gain from a peaceful resolution which could work as a catalyst setting the basis for political stability in the area and the peaceful exploitation of the natural resources of the Eastern Mediterranean.


Cypriots’ Voice 14/10/2011