Communiqué (22) – 22/4/2013

By | April 22, 2013



The bi-communal forum “CYPRIOTS’ VOICE” expresses its concern about the a possible diversion to the process of a negotiated settlement of the Cyprus problem and believes that the current economic and political difficulties of Cyprus and the coercive rhetoric initiatives of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership should be diverted to lead the process towards positive results.

  1. Noting that the stalemate in the settlement process deepens the feelings of indifference especially among new generations along both sides of the divide, serious steps should be taken preparing a new round of negotiations towards a just and lasting settlement, namely a bi-zonal bi-communal federal solution which will bring security, stability and cooperation opportunities among the people of our country.
  2. To this effect we suggest that the Government of Cyprus should undertake diplomatic initiatives within the circles of EU and the UN in order to test the integrity of Turkey’s denotations and prepare the ground for serious initiatives.
  3. The efforts should focus in overcoming the sterile behaviour of the past by facing the main issues which Turkey and Cyprus aim to achieve in a negotiated settlement including a fair approach towards waiving the obstacles set by Turkey in the subject of exploitation of hydrocarbons found in the Cypriot exclusive economic zone.
  4. Despite today’s climate of economic crisis, settlement of the Cyprus problem could have considerable positive effect on the economy. The reconstruction that will inevitably follow a settlement, will attract investments which will boost economic activity. The economies from the elimination of military spending and the diversion of funds to productive activities are examples of positive synergy.
  5. It is high time for Cypriots to clearly define our vision, respecting our culture and rights, and clarify our proposals for a settlement that secures the opportunity of the current and future generations to live safely and proudly in a common country.
  6. Communiqué no 22Cypriots’ Voice 22/04/2013