Communiqué (27) – 8/3/2014

By | March 8, 2014



Due to the fact that announcements are occasionally issued by various citizen groups with regards to their justifiable worries for the JOINT STATEMENT please accept my own thoughts also for the reflection of all.

  1. I assume that these announcements are made “in good faith” and that they are not related -demagogues’ ambitions, from whom our homeland suffered so much during the last 60 years. History reminds us that the same people who signed the Zurich-London agreements  undermined them and brought about the first partition and bloodshed in Cyprus with the AKRITAS plan whilst 42 years later they were addressing hymns and describing the agreements as blessings.BLESSED ARE THE LEARNED IN HISTORY
  2. Since then thousands of innocent Cypriots, Greeks and Turks, lost their lives, lost their properties and their villages because the self-seekers, the murderers and the fanatics prevailed in both communities. The murders of ALOA,  SANTALARI, TOCHNI, PALEKYTHRO & ASSIA in 1974 were the result of actions and thoughts of inadequate people who fanatized  rioting individuals with low intelligence which were exploited by lurking Turkey. BLESSED ARE THE LEARNED IN HISTORY
  3. The settlers are now hundreds of thousands and continually increasing. The ANAN 3 plan (which not only was not negotiated by the deceased Tassos Papadopoulos- entrenched as he was in his obsessions and his dogmatic combative fanaticism-but lead us on purpose to the ANAN 5 plan and lost for ever Morphou and the Karpasia peninsula)  was a chance for Cyprus if our then president had negotiated our exemption from Turkey’s guaranties and if he had locked a 5% provision as THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TURKS FROM TURKEY and GREEKS FROM GREECE to be allowed to settle in Cyprus. BLESSED ARE THE LEARNED  IN HISTORY
  4. After our havoc at the European Court of Human Rights ECHR (DIMOPOULOS case and 7 others) which was caused by a few greedy and short-sighted lawyers, the so called IPC that is the Immobile Property Committee was finally recognized in the occupied territory. A definite calamity, a 3rd ATTILA, that the ordinary people have not yet understood and the opportunists, if they have understood, keep quiet because they messed up, as with all they have touched. BLESSED ARE THE LEARNED IN HISTORY
  5. In other words if the Cyprus problem is not solved even on this occasion where perhaps we are better favored by the geopolitical conditions (not of course to correct the blunders of the demagogues who every time hinder wise leaders from proceeding to a solution) Turkey will continue unhindered to buy out through the IPC-  at degrading prices- the properties of by now the third generation of refugees in the occupied territory as well as the properties of the Turkish-Cypriots in the free territory. The acquisition of the majority in land owning by Turkey as well as the unstoppable settling will “solve” forever the problem. The policy of settling and land acquisition through purchase or war was implemented in the expansion of the USA in the 19th century, in the founding of the Israeli state in 1948, in the annexation of Alexandretta in Turkey (it belonged to Syria) and in all history of nations territory extension. LAND AND POPULATION.  BLESSED ARE THE LEARNED IN HISTORY 
  6. Let us be wise and sane… Let us support this new solution effort and let us allow the creation of a policy around the needs of Europe and the west to transport Eastern Mediterranean natural gas to the West through the Exclusive Economical Zone of Cyprus. The events in Ukraine through which the transport of Russian natural gas to the West is dependant and the resulting uncertainty should make the rejectionists of solution and reunification wiser readers and analysts of international geopolitics instead of their constant issue of  announcements against the discussions, seeing the tree and loosing the forest in between i’s and y’s of the joint statement.
  7. Patriotism is not shouting…Patriotism is the sane study and grabbing of opportunities with courage. 
  8. Demetrios-Akis Lordos – 8/3/2014