Communiqué (37) – 4/12/2020

By | February 9, 2021

Cypriot’s Voice reviewed the current situation related to the Cyprus issues and concluded the following:

  1. Cypriots’ Voice expresses appreciation and admiration for Turkish Cypriot demonstrators who, under extremely difficult circumstances, are mobilizing and struggle for peace and harmonious cooperation between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. We feel honoured to stand by and support their initiatives and their hard effort to keep hope alive.
  2. Cyprus is going through a difficult time. Cyprus is going through a difficult time. The intervention of Turkey in favour of Ersin Tatar against Mustafa Akinci has created a new dangerous situation for the prospects of solution on the basis of BBF with political equality. The rejection by Ersin Tatar-Turkey of the already agreed framework for solution, their declarations for supporting a “two state solution”, their movements regarding Famagusta/VAROSHA, constitute very dangerous and negative developments.
  3. Many opportunities to resolve the Cyprus issue were lost. In the past years the Cyprus discussions were aiming to a Bizonal Bicommunal Federation (BBF) settlement. The latest situation tends to move the discussion towards a two state solution with a kind of cooperation at the top level. Cypriots’ Voice declares that such a diversion is dangerous and unrealistic. It is against the UN resolutions and framework for settlement and it opposes the will of the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. It does not have a chance of recognition by the international community neither by EU or the UN. It is clear that such a settlement would ultimately result in extension of Turkey’s domination in the north and enhancement of the isolation of Turkish Cypriot Community. In any case, in real life there is no such Good Offices Mission of the Secretary General to prepare a table to accommodate negotiation of a two state solution.
  4. In these circumstances the UN Secretary General is promoting a “five-party plus one” international conference. This is a clear message that the UN does not expect the Cypriot leaders to overcome the unsustainable status quo and therefore appeals to the Guarantor Powers for a breakthrough. Cypriot leaders must therefore prepare for a positive contribution so that any potential decision takes into account the interests of Cypriots. Their prime duty is to accept unconditionally the Guterres framework and the already agreed points in the Berlin Meeting, as a strategic agreement for a Cyprus solution securing political equality, security of life and property and respect of each other’s cultural identity.
  5. Cyprus needs peace and reconciliation and good relations with all its neighbours including primarily with Turkey. Cyprus needs to serve its own interests and NOT to become an instrument of anyone engaging in the policies of hatred and controversy.
  6. Natural gas and other fossil fuel explorations in the Eastern Mediterranean threaten not only nature and the ecosystem, but also the peace in the region. Disputes in exploration areas, the construction of new natural gas pipelines also increase the militarisation of the region. Tensions are not only about warships around the search areas, but also extend to military alliances to protect the new pipeline project involving the countries of the region. Cypriots’ Voice calls for the immediate suspension of all searches. Natural gas must be kept in its natural place in the name of regional peace, ecology and the future.
  7. At this critical moment, Cypriots’ Voice together with all groups and initiatives that work for a peaceful settlement, have a place and a role to play by providing a political discourse, ideas and proposals. We must engage in practical measures that ensure togetherness of Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins. Our demands therefore address the following:
  1. First of all we demand that checkpoints should open applying rules of hygiene which must be set by the experts of both sides via the relevant technical committee.
  2. Economic relations should be strengthened in order to facilitate the lives of citizens and the movement of products through Green Line. Cooperation in social services is absolutely necessary in the age of hardship and coronavirus aiming a deep interdependence between the two communities.
  3. The government of the Republic should take initiatives serving all Cypriots such as i) lifting the ban on providing identity cards to a number of Turkish Cypriot citizens, to their spouses and children. ii) Support a call to EU to adopt Turkish as an official language and end the discrimination against Turkish speaking European citizens.
  4. The cooperation in the field of health, the environment, culture, should be strengthened. The teaching of both the Greek and Turkish languages should become obligatory in both educational systems.
  5. History should be approached with courage and honesty, by accepting mistakes and crimes by both communities, by speaking about bitter experiences. Each other’s pain should be recognised with empathy. Let us build a common monument for all the unfortunate victims of the disaster and the destruction of our country.
  6. In order to achieve all this we need a more structured approach to problems and situations by joining forces. There are many groups that have been formed in recent years and there are many people and personalities who have recently been involved in new initiatives. Cypriots’ Voice will extend strong support to the initiative for setting up a Citizens Assembly of a United Cyprus. It will make our voice louder. It will make our messages to leaders more effective and contribute substantially to the path towards a BBF for the unification of Cyprus.

Together we can mobilise history for our benefit, for peace, for reconciliation, for the future of all Cypriots in our common homeland.

Communiqué No 37 – Cypriots’ Voice – 14/12/2020