Communiqué (43) – 3/2023

By | March 17, 2023

COMMUNIQUÉ no. 43 – MARCH 2023

The bi-communal platform CYPRIOTS’ VOICE salutes the new Government of the Republic of Cyprus wishing a productive path towards a continuation and successful culmination of the efforts for solution of the Cyprus problem within the spirit of the UN resolutions and the negotiated convergencies of the two communities under the UN framework. Despite the unfortunate turbulences in Gran Montana and the negative climate created therefrom we believe that the road to a peaceful settlement is the only option, and the good services of the UN General Secretary constitutes a safe and fertile environment to achieve a lasting solution that will set a peace paradigm in the Eastern Mediterranean geographical and political region.

A political climate of reconciliation in Cyprus can turn to an opportunity for supportive assistance by the “Guarantor Powers” to the Cyprus issue for the benefit of all concerned. Cypriots’ Voice would therefore urge the Cypriot leaders to initiate projects for citizens’ mobility and to support the bicommunal activity which had declined mainly because the political game of recent years suppressing the hope of people for a peaceful settlement.

Bicommunal contacts on personal, social, and commercial grounds can reinforce people’s connections which are built-up through the peace activism thus promoting understanding of the needs of either community and develop a positive attitude for reconciliation and peace.

Cypriots’ Voice is committed to work for keeping alive the hope among our compatriots for a negotiated solution of the Cyprus problem within the framework of the UN resolutions and the achieved convergencies of the intercommunal talks. We also declare that we will keep cooperating with the UN, EU, and other involved international players for the promotion of the aspirations of the Cypriot society for permanent peace in a Federal Cyprus.