The Cypriots’ Voice:

  • Consists of a broad spectrum of citizens who value finding a solution to the Cyprus issue as constituting a necessity that cannot be postponed or delayed any further.
  • Notes that fruitless lapse of time aggravates the situation in Cyprus with tensions and crises both at the internal and the international level, resulting in further stabilization of the status quo, which is widely perceived as containing the danger of permanent division of our country.
  • Faces positively actions and positions that contribute to strengthening relations between the communities thus creating the necessary preconditions for a solution of the political problem. It will develop relations of understanding and cooperation between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots with the view to shaping common targets and undertaking common actions for effective and immediate intervention aiming to promote the course of an overall solution of the Cyprus problem.
  • Believes that the only prospect remaining open is contained in the principles discussed and agreed upon in the long consultations between the two communities and which are summarized in the “federal structure of a united Cyprus with two geographical and state zones and a political parity as defined by the United Nations, in the context of the European Union”. The reference of two communities does not imply lack of recognition of the Maronite, Armenian and Latin communities which equally contribute to the configuration of the society and cultural form of modern Cyprus.
  • Envisions a Cyprus that will depend on cooperation and mutual trust be-tween the communities, without tensions, conflicts, and racial confrontations. Working for peace and democracy, for cooperation rather than confrontation, it is possible to build together a multicultural society in the context of the European Union, away from nationalisms and chauvinist elations.
  • Works for the development of a creative, constructive, and mature dialogue for the deepening of democracy, away from anachronistic slogans and prejudices, doctrinal attitudes, surly approaches, and antidemocratic behaviours. It will decisively fight divisional tendencies, divisive perceptions, racist positions, and chauvinist attitudes which can have only one result, the completion of the destruction of our country.
  • Supports policies of reconciliation, consistent socio-political action, transparency, democratic dialogue, and a rational evaluation of the international factor all of which are essential preconditions that can define our course for a better future.

    January 2008